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Welcome to Second Street Services!

Second Street Services is a full-service photography and videography business. Liz and Doug Latham from Hoosier Homemade and Pocket Change Gourmet have spent 8+ years creating amazing content and sharing on their successful blogs.

Over the past few years while working with large and small brands, they saw a need for gorgeous images. Images are the most powerful thing on the web these days, they are what draw people in and make them stop scrolling, they are what bring followers to your social media accounts and loyal customers to brand.

Liz, Doug and their team focus on images that are original, relatable and authentic. They strongly feel like so many consumers are busy now yet strive for a simple life, easy projects and a creative home.

The food images and videos captured by Second Street Services will invite consumers to learn just how easy it is to create amazing recipes in their own home. Our lifestyle images are beautiful, yet attainable, showing consumers that your product will help them create the life that they want and need. The quality of work that we deliver and our budget conscious approach brings brands back to Second Street Services time and time again.


Over the past 8 years, we have worked with hundreds of happy clients including Walmart, Better Homes & Gardens, Fisher Nuts, Pillsbury, JM Smuckers, National Pork Board, Wilton, Truvia, Hellmann’s, Unilever, Good Humor, Lucky Leaf, Duck Brand Tape, GAF Roofing, International Delight, Krylon, Ball Canning and many more…


Each set of photos will include:

  • Brand consultation
  • One set of photos using the brand’s recipe
  • 15-25 photos of final shot per set
  • Product images included
  • Food Stylist, Colors of your choice, Backdrops
  • Raw images sent via DropBox
  • All images edited by expert photo editors
  • Specific image sizes for social media including vertical, horizontal and square images


Why do you need gorgeous photos?

Right now in the online world, photos mean everything. And I don’t say that lightly. You may have the best product, recipe or even service, but if the photos don’t jump out and grab your customers attention, then you have lost the sale.

We have seen a significant increase with Pinterest over the last couple of years. Not only are amazing photos important, but the correct size of photos can mean the difference between getting visits to your website.

What should I do with the photos after I receive them from Second Street Services?

The photos that we create will be delivered to you via DropBox. All of the photos will be edited, sized and ready for you to use. You will have full rights to the images and may use them on any of your social media channels and website. We are happy to talk through any specific questions you may have during the consultation.

What if I have an eCommerce business?

We are excited to also offer our services to eCommerce businesses as well. We can take photos of your products for you to use on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay, your own store, website and social media channels. We ask that you ship us the product and allow up to 14 days for the photos to be delivered via DropBox.

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Do you offer videography?

Yes, we do. The use of videos is really important, and we don’t see that going away any time soon, it will only continue to grow more and more.

We offer the Tasty-style video using overhead shots and close ups. The video footage will be sent to you for approval via DropBox prior to editing, we will then edit the video including text and music, then send it to you for use on your social media channels.

Will the photos be used on either of your blogs?

We will never use your photos without prior consent. Second Street Services was built to offer photography and videos to small businesses. Our service is specifically only content creation and not for our use on our blogs or in a sponsored post on the blog. You will have full rights to the images and we will not use them without your consent.

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