Content Creation for Online Influencers

Are you an online influencer? Do you have a growing business and just not enough time in the day?

We can help!

After having spent 10+ years and thousands upon thousands of hours growing their blog, Hoosier Homemade, Liz and Doug have learned how to be successful with their online businesses.

Second Street Services was created with small businesses, like you, in mind. We understand WHAT you need and WHY you need it.

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Content Creation

Do you have more work than you can handle? Or perhaps, you would just like a little more time for your family and yourself.

Images are the most powerful thing on the web these days, they are what draw people in and make them stop scrolling, they are what bring followers to your social media accounts and loyal customers to brand.
Liz, Doug and their team focus on images that are original, relatable and authentic. They strongly feel like so many consumers are busy now yet strive for a simple life, easy projects and a creative home.

Recipe Development

  • Consultation
  • One set of photos
  • 15-25 photos of final shot per set
  • Product images included
  • Food Stylist, Colors of your choice, Backdrops
  • Raw images sent via Dropbox
  • All images edited by expert photo editors
  • Specific image sizes for social media including vertical, horizontal and square images

Sponsored Posts

These photos can be used as part of a sponsored post. Send us the details and we will accommodate what the brand is looking for.

You may be thinking that all of your sponsored work needs to come from you. And in some cases, you are absolutely right, depending on the brand you are working with. Most often though, a brand has hired you for the reach, engagement and traffic that they will gain from having you share their product on your blog.

We have worked with hundreds of brands over the 8+ years, we know what they are looking for.

FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY FOR BRANDS | Second Street ServicesNon-Sponsored Posts

Have you run out of time to update old content? Maybe you have a post that is really popular but you haven’t gotten around to updating the content.

Yes, we can help with that too!


I’m sure we can all agree that videos are extremely popular, and they aren’t going anywhere. Videos on the #1 trend for 2017.

We can create a Tasty-style video using overhead shots and close ups of your recipe or product.

VA (type) Services

Having a VA (Virtual Assistant) is very helpful, whether they help with social media, email management, or other small tasks. We aren’t trying to replace your VA, what we offer is different.

The #1 task that has saved us time in our business is creating systems. Creating simple systems that you don’t have to spend your time or energy thinking about after they are created not only creates free time for you, but it also makes your business super efficient.

Infinite Scheduling for Social Media

Second Street Services is based on content creation. We want to help you move your business forward using your content.

Content Library Creation is another one of the services we offer. We use Recur Post, in a nutshell, this service takes your content links, and rotates them, then pushes them to social media, specifically Facebook and Twitter. We have been using this service with Hoosier Homemade for 4+ months now and absolutely love it!

The Second Street Services team will work with you to create content libraries within Recur Post. Once the work is done, your content is shared time and time again.

Currently we use Recur Post for our top posts and each holiday.

Historically Facebook does not like third-party scheduling systems, so you may be thinking that Recur Post won’t work for your page. We have been watching our insights and have not found any issues with using Recur Post. In fact, many of our Facebook posts using Recur Post are getting a higher reach than post we schedule via Facebook scheduler.

Now, with that being said, I do believe that it totally depends on your Facebook page and how your reach and engagement is. Just like with every blog, and every social media channel, every Facebook page is different. And we are happy to talk through what is best for you.

Sponsored Post Social Media Reports

One way I go above and beyond is by providing my clients a Social Media Report after a sponsored campaign is completed.

Here is the scenario, tell me if it sounds familiar to you:

  1. The sponsored post goes live on your blog
  2. You send an email to the client with a link to the post
  3. You may or may not receive a response from them
  4. Two or three months goes by
  5. You receive an email asking for social media links
  6. What? How in the world are you going to find all those links?
  7. Then you proceed to spend 3 or maybe even 4+ hours finding the links

I’m sure this has happened to you. It was happening to me a LOT. And even if I had hashtags to track down the links, the social media streams move so fast, it was taking me hours and hours.

So I created a system to grab the links and create a report for the client. I can’t tell you how many clients I have worked with that were shocked that I provided the report. I learned early on, it’s extremely important to offer top quality customer service. And make the job of the client easier.

Now we know, you don’t need one more thing on your plate, but you still want to provide top quality content and customer service.

The Second Street Services team will grab the links for you, and create a social media report for you to send to the client.

Instagram Content Scheduling

The Instagram scheduling that we offer is a little different than most. We use Planoly to schedule our Instgram posts, and can help you with yours too!

Within Planoly, we often schedule 4-6 individual photos that make up a grid collage. It will look like this –

It’s a really fun way to tie all of your content together and brands love it. You can easily offer this service to brands as an add on to your sponsored post.

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